Lamahatta: The Lama’s Hut

Lamahatta Nature Park is a newly developed ecotourism in West Bengal.
Lamahatta Nature Park

Lamahatta is an excellent live example of developing any region and its residents without disturbing rather preserving the ecology, flora and fauna of the region. Lamahatta village ecotourism is a recently developed tourists spot on Darjeeling – Kalimpong highway in West Bengal. It was developed by the Dept. of Tourism, West Bengal and inaugurated on 29th January, 2013. It’s a community based ecotourism where the community themselves run the facilities developed by the government for generating income through self employment. Since then this tourist spot is gaining momentum by leaps and bounds.

It is said that some Buddhist monks used to stay here before independence. The word ‘Lamahatta’ is derived from the words “Lama” means Buddhist monk and ‘hatta’ means a hut. Lamahatta is such a beautiful place that you won’t want to return from. Its serene landscapes, solitude, well manicured garden will certainly leave you spellbound. Colourful flattering prayer flags add to the beauty of this place.

Gorkha tribes dominate the area who sustain their living mainly by selling agriculture crops or cattle rearing and actively contribute towards the protection of forests. The place with its vast stretches of old huge conifers and pine renders the panoramic views of majestic mountains and the valley.

The Panoramic view of Kanchenjunga

The prime attraction of Lamahatta is its untouched natural beauty. The magnificent Kanchenjunga mountain range and the Teesta river adds to the beauty of this place. A number of trekking routes are also there at Lamahatta. One such short trail leads to a small beautiful lake on a hill top.

The prayer flags
The Watch Tower
Beautiful landscape of the garden
Huge ‘n’ tall conifer trees

Several home-stays have come up and being run successfully by the villagers. This is a perfect example of how eco-tourism and any region can go hand-in-hand. From these home-stays, one can get the clear view of the Kanchenjunga ranges along with the valley below. Lamahatta can be visited at any time of the year but winter is the best season when nature smiles everywhere in form of blossom. However, a ticket, costing Rs. 10/- has to be procured to enter the garden.

Nearby Places:

Takdah: A trekking route through the jungle at 9.3 km from Lamahatta. Taking the services of a local guide is suggested.

Tea Gardens: There are some tea gardens too as Glenburn Tea Estate, Rongli Rangliot Tea Estate and Takdha Tea Estate.

Peshoke View Point: Around 8 km away.

Triveni: The confluence of Teesta and Rangit rivers at a distance of 23 km.

Other than these points, Lamahatta Village Monetary, Tinchuley Village and Cave Temple can also be visited.

How to Reach:

Lamahatta is a small mountain village at an elevation of 1700 m from sea level, situated about 23 km from Darjeeling and 31 km from Kalimpong. One can reach this place easily by Siliguri (72 km) which is a major railway station. One can either hire a cab from Siliguri or Darjeeling to reach here.

Where to Stay:

Lamahatta is a small village where only some home-stays are available. So do not expect services or amenities of a hotel. Since it is not far away from Darjeeling, so one can plan a visit from there too.

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  1. Visit pune as well…. Many places to scroll around ……


  2. Really a paradise ❣️

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  3. Thanks sir, very nice way to describe every beauty of this place.

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    • Thanks Tapas. Indeed Lamahatta is a very beautiful place. It is best enjoyed during early morning or evening. I hope that you will enjoy other posts too.. 🙂


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