Fairs & Festivals of India

India is a country of fairs and festivals. All around the year, we keep celebrating life in form of festivals. Its a showcase of our country to exhibit its rich tradition, culture, cuisines, heritage, art, joy, dance, music to the world. This page is my endeavour to bring in front of you those fairs and festivals also, which are very popular in their regions but may not be well known to rest of the world.

Following is the list of Fairs and Festivals of India to be celebrated in..

You can find here the fair and festival calendar of few states of India.


  1. That’s really very informative. Hardly would get a collective information about these local fairs and festivals of Indian states on a single page..Well done author.

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  2. Truly phenomenal! Every time, whenever I go through sir’s write up and charismatic pics…I feel… awestruck to see the magic in his proficient work…truly commendable sir…

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  3. Hi prasant

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  4. Hallo dear


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