Matsya Fair, Alwar, Rajasthan

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Rajasthan is very rich in culture and heritage and it is evident from numerous fairs and festivals those are being observed throughout the year. In every fair and festival, you will be spellbound by such a marvellous display of colour, art, heritage, music, dance etc.. Matsya (Matsya is a Sanskrit word for fish and as per Hindu mythology it is utilized as a symbol of Lord Vishnu.) festival of Alwar, which is held in November each year is one of those fantastic festivals. This year it will be celebrated on 25th and 26th November.

This majestic festival is celebrated to glorify the prosperity, traditional values and colourful customs of the region. This festival is renowned world over for its colourful processions, cultural performances, sporting events and impressive artistic exhibitions. The architectural marvels as well as natural excellence of Alwar in form of numerous palaces and forts, lakes, archaeological sites and thick forests, create a stunning setting for a fascinating celebration.

The two-day Matsya festival also includes adventurous sports such as parasailing and hot air ballooning. An exciting army exhibition is part of the festival. You can take advantage of the yoga camp which is a part of the festival and usually organized in the morning session. Matsya festival is believed as a festival to show respect to the ancestors and their cultural values and traditions.

How to Reach:

Alwar is well connected to other major cities by rail and road. At a distance of 144 km, New Delhi’s Indira Gandhi Airport is the nearest airport. Jaipur, another major town is 162 km and Agra at 166 km.

Where to Stay:

Alwar is the untouched heaven of Rajasthan and that reflects in it’s pristine hills and forts, still preserved in their original glory. Alwar is an important town of Rajasthan so plenty of good options for stay are available. Sparrow Inn, Lemon Tree Hotel, The Gandharva Retreat, Hotel Red Fox could be a choice.


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